I've worked on productions large and small; from fully crewed music videos to one-person-show documentaries. I love crafting meaningful stories that can have a positive impact. 
My ability to fulfill different roles mean I bring a holistic view to my role, or can single handedly pull together a video for clients. 

Explore The Shore. 

Explore The Shore is a web series and education channel I run with my father Emeritus Professor Charles Griffiths. In each episode he introduces us to the amazing, diverse natural world that lies on our coastlines. We visit different shores and explore the wide range of habitats, animals and plants that occur there. From limpets that farm the rocks to alien-like worlds of colonial organisms, Charles shows us a hidden world that most of us have never realised was on our doorsteps.

Go to the Explore The Shore Youtube channel.

South African Cities Network. Good Hood Stories. 

SACN commissioned a series of videos on citizens who are doing good in their communities. This inspirational series includes 8 videos over 2 seasons looking at a variety of projects across different cities of South Africa. It includes a housing stokvel, rooftop gardens, community cycling initiative, drug harm reduction centers, park activations and more. 

Visit the Good Hood Stories page to watch the whole series and see additional content.

Lebogang Mashile. Venus vs Modernity - a Theatre Film.

During COVID I was approached by theatre makers to assist in turning their on stage works into film works. Over three separate projects I strove to create a film of the work, rather than just point the camera at the stage. This meant using the camera to go where a theatre audience could not and get up close and personal with the actors. It meant exploring new locations, lighting, movements and emotions to create new works of art that enhanced the existing theatre productions.

Venus vs Modernity is a play by Lebogang Mashile starring Ann Masina. 

The full film played at online festivals and is owned by Lebogang Mashile 

Médecins Sans Frontières & Aviro Health - Khetha.

Echo Ledge Media created a series of videos for MSF targeted at youth, to help them deal with issues around sexual health, HIV, safety and more. I wrote, directed, filmed and edited this episode in collaboration with Rafeeqah Galant, Aviro Health and MSF. The videos formed part of a platform that also included tutorial/vlog videos and information that could be accessed through the Khetha app.

Go to the Khetha project here.

Jimmy Nevis - Heartboxing. 

I directed and edited a lot of music videos but this was surely one of the craziest. We would always use the opportunity of creating a music video to push ourselves creatively as the filmmaking team. We would try go bigger and better, or use a new medium or technique. We blew entire budgets and didn't earn a dime just so that we could try something out. This video was particularly expansive and challenging but it still looks great. I can't believe we found an old piano and chucked it in a dam on Llourensford estate along with all these people who had to get in the freezing water on a cold day! 

For more music videos scroll through my Vimeo.

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