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I’m Matt and I’m an author of children’s books including The Inside Book.

I’m a writer and creator who enjoys filling empty spaces;
like painting or writing on a page, capturing a photo on film, or telling a story in a quiet room.

The Inside Book

I wrote The Inside Book to help us understand why we’re stuck inside while there’s a virus out there making people sick. I hope it’s useful and you’re welcome to share it with others. Please get in touch if you have feedback or would like to translate it!

If you like the book (or me) please consider paying for it to support me making more books like this one!

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The Inside Book – An animated reading

An animated reading of The Inside Book by author Matthew Griffiths and actress Naledi Majola. Originally released by The Otto Foundation as part of the District Six Children’s Book Festival.

Animation by Matthew Griffiths.

More video work from mattcgriffiths

Ann-Nem-Oh-Nee finds Adventure

Book Dash creates awesome free children’s books. I was luck enough to write one of them! Jessica, Lauren and our editor Diane, helped me create this book at a book dash event. A whole lot of creative people got together in teams and created books in just 12 hours. Book Dash books are all free to read, download and share, so go have a look at when you’re done reading these books!

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The OId Man and the Creature

This video was created to tell a story that was stuck in my head. It’s about how we are often scared of things we don’t understand. We should try to understand something before we decide if we do or don’t like it.

More Video work from mattcgriffiths

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I love collaborating with other humans and hearing how you found my work. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch:!

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Instagram and Twitter: @mattcgriffiths
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